About Us

Welcome to Pink Fleur

Pink Fleur is a contemporary fashion brand founded in 2013 offering Ready to Wear, Bespoke Tailoring and Accessories for the woman whose style personifies innovation, beauty, modesty, the highest quality and value for money.

In keeping with the vision of the brand, Pink Fleur draws inspiration from the culture of northern Nigeria while incorporating innovative elements to create original unique pieces.

We have a flagship boutique in Abuja which stocks our designs and accessories as well as a vibrant virtual store (social media and website) to meet the needs of our growing international clientele.

In the past 6 years, the brand has grown at exponential levels with over 10 members of staff and other offshoot initiatives that bring together different components of the Fashion and Design industry.

Style Scenery is a fashion, beauty and lifestyle event under the Pink Fleur brand which is dedicated to bringing together entrepreneurs in the three sectors to meet, network, exchange ideas and recognize high achievers in the industry.

In keeping with our social responsibility, the Pink Fleur brand hosts a business forum called Pink Fleur Fashion Talk for emerging fashion entrepreneurs/designers who want to learn the business of fashion, fashion branding and how to stand out in the fast growing industry.

We are committed to continuing our mission to design and produce clothing of the highest standard that instills confidence in the Pink Fleur Woman.

Zainab Salihijo – Jiddah , Founder, Pink Fleur.

With a first degree in Biotechnology she began her working career as a Public Health Professional. However, the pull of being a creative left no doubt that she belonged in the world of Fashion & Style.

She started Pink Fleur in 2013 with her allowance as a National Youth Corp Member in the garage of her family home with one sewing machine and a single member of staff.

Drawing from knowledge and skills gained after successfully completing a course in Fashion Design, her innate creative ability, as well as lessons learnt from the school of hard knocks, Zainab has hit the ground running to build Pink Fleur.

Zainab is a big believer in giving back and this has led to her birthing initiatives that aim to give back to those coming up in the industry by creating a supportive environment for mentoring.

It is worthy of note that as a skilled conductor masterfully brings together various members of an orchestra to produce a harmonious tune, she has masterfully combined her vision for Pink Fleur with being a wife and mother of two.

Her belief that style is innate in every person has given rise to her mission to ensure that Pink Fleur serves as a major interpreter of style for the contemporary woman.